Originally Posted: July 5th 2016

After a year of learning, growing, and reforming not only as an individual but as a movement, I have begun working on some big accomplishments yet again. I often express and call what I do, this whole thing, “my movement”. It’s my way of contributing, expressing, and making a difference in this world and that’s my favorite part of what I do. In debriefing from my TED talk, I began to envision the next steps for my reforming movement, and differences I intend to make. FORM5 was fundamentally built to continue to form, whether that be in partnerships, grow nationally, or simply form a 3D printed prosthetic device for a 7-year-old. I want my organization to be flexible, understanding, and open to adjustment. I often see a society stuck in their ways, unable to see past their intentions, to step back and look at the big picture. Find the common ground, an effective solution that benefits all. I have taken the time to step back and see what FORM5 is about, my movement is not only moving again but has a new direction. I can’t wait to reintroduce not only who I am, but what I am doing and the difference I am putting into this world. It’s about reform and sustainability of FORM5 and the differences at hand!


Project Launch Date: July 7th


Recycle, reFORM, Reprint

Aaron Westbrook, CEO of FORM5

E: aaron.form5@gmail.com

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