Here’s a look into the movement,

I Came:

After months of reflection, reform, and recuperation, I am finally able to voice what all I have planned for this year. Form5 has officially set voyage on the biggest endeavor I have yet to embark on. My head is clear, my mind is at peace, and I am more than ready to conquer all the obstacles that the journey has to offer. In contrast to before, I am aware of the challenges that could arise. In a sense, I am going into this eyes open and having the upper hand (pun intended). Although this knowledge is insightful, it is also rather scary to know what’s ahead. After rebranding to Form5 Prosthetics (roughly 6 months ago), I never took the time to realize the great measures I have come. This very enlightening journey is one I have become rather accustomed too. Even every little bump in the road, setback, and failure means a great deal to me and my growth. Every failure plants a seed in my path and as that seed forms and grows so does the way I perceive myself, others and particular circumstances. In creating Form5, I learned a lot about myself and how I strive for efficiency and perfection. I voice and advocate to reform in all aspects of my life, whether that be injustice at school, the blindness of society, or simply improving a system of creation. I often reference the word “reform” in my daily vocabulary or when talking about my movement. In my eyes “reform” is two simple actions; acknowledging the issue and finding its solution. The power of reform is outstanding but often overlooked by many. Form5 was fundamentally built to form, shape, and mold with the direction in which it is headed. It is fluid and able to acknowledge the change needed and improve itself. Form5 was once a seed in my path and it is unfathomable to see its growth but even scarier to see its potential! Although the journey ahead may have its doubts, it’s nothing I can’t handle! I am prepared to continue moving, evolving, and manifesting Form5 Prosthetics and the goal to provide 3D printed prosthetics to all. My heart is heavy with hope, determination, and the power to reform!


I Saw:

Over the summer, Form5 introduced its recycling element and our ongoing efforts to better our movement, our prosthetics, and the differences we are making. After crowdfunding was unsuccessful, the movement had more willpower than ever to take Form5 to the next level. After communicating and expressing the goals I have envisioned for this year, I have spoken to many companies, individuals, and groups that are very interested in being a part of the movement. After deciphering my thoughts and what I believe to be the next step for Form5, I want more people involved with what I do. When first starting the “Prosthetic Project” and learning 3D printing, I worked with a few close teacher at the time. Unfortunately working with those who had false pretenses and disguised intentions, I learned to embrace my individualism and withhold Form5 from anyone who came near it. Now I am finally comfortable to opening the doors to Form5 and am adamant about hearing others ideas, questions, and how they want to get involved. I encourage you all to contact me directly to see how you could form into the movement! Towards the end of summer, I had a conversation with a web developer from London who is interested in helping Form5. I think his words summarize it best, “even though you are an army of one, that won’t be for long”.


I’ll Conquer:

Today I launch, “Forming 5” a series focused on all aspects of fabricating prosthetics and utilization of 3D printing technology. “Forming 5” a project that’s purpose is to reform the entire process in which all future prosthetics are made, allowing for the most efficient and limitless solutions. Now having a filament extruder in our hands, we plan to create the solution and make it 100% sustainable. With the power of recycling, this makes all future devices printed out of filament made by Form5. Form5 no longer has to purchase filament, but now utilizes the process of recycling plastic waste to form 3D printed prosthetics. “Forming 5” a series split into two phases, beginning with my senior seminar project. Senior Seminar is a course of study all New Albany High School seniors are required to complete for graduation, often service learning, projects, and or internships. Phase one of “Forming 5” begins with Maddie, a 7-year-old girl born with a limb difference and how Form5 will provide her with our first ever 3D printed prosthetic made out of 100% recycled material. I look forward to expanding my knowledge through the series, “Forming 5” and watching Form5 Prosthetics grow all together. My senior seminar project is entirely outlined in my Senior Seminar Proposal submitted to the senior seminar advisor team (Approved 9/5/16). My senior seminar project will be documented on our blog, along with all social media (@form5prosthetics). Phase two of “Forming 5” is still in its early stages of forming and I will have more information to share in late April!

As I begin to unravel the series “Forming 5”, I announce that Form5 has indeed obtained the equipment of a filament extruder. This giving us the power to recycle and create all future devices made out of recycled plastic. With the road ahead paved with high expectations and manifestation, I look forward to topping all I have ever accomplished. A large goal at hand, but one I am more than ready to conquer.


I assure you Form5 is in good hand(s),


Aaron Westbrook

CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics


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