After receiving the donation of funds to purchase a Filament Extruder, I’ve been in search of plastic material to recycle and extrude into 3D printer filament. This filament will then be used to 3D print a prosthetic device for a 7-year-old girl in my local limb difference group. When looking for plastic, I had no idea how or where I was going to turn, but as Form5 continues to prove to me, “trust the movement”.

At my High school, we have a coffee shop in which I often go in and volunteer. About a month ago while working in the coffee shop I had a rather big revelation and found that the plastic cups from the coffee shop were actually PLA. Those who know about 3D printing, know filament that is commonly used is PLA or ABS plastic. Along with this discovering, I have also begun working with the company Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) in New Albany to recycle their scrap and wasted plastic material as well. I have now found several resources in which I can find “plastic waste” and utilize it to recycle, create, and 3D print prosthetics for those like myself.

For the past two weeks, I have been assembling boxes to place around my school campus to collect these plastic cups. The boxes were donated to Form5 from Kroger and I used paper and supplies from the school to decorate the “Forming 5 Boxes”. Last week I completed all 10 boxes and intended to launch the 1st of October. On Monday, during teachers in-service day, I came into school and placed my boxes all around campus, for the past week I have had Form5 information shared on the announcements. Not only does the repurposing of these cups create prosthetics, but contribute to the ongoing efforts to better our environment as a whole. I plan to continue collecting cups for the rest of the month and access if I need to do continue collecting. In addition, in the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing the equipment list detailing all equipment being donated to Form5 and its current status. As the movement continues to manifest, I will share more with what is in store as we push towards conquering several new goals.

Big things ahead,

Aaron Westbrook – Form5 Prosthetics

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