After completing the initial phase of “Forming 5” and my senior seminar project, I have learned that I’m running a pretty extensive project. In addition to managing and spearheading this project, I often forget that I am actually making history. Over the past month, I have been struggling to balance school, homework, collect cups every day, and run Form5. Although this seems to throw many new obstacles at me, I continue to preserve towards the end goal. Now that I have seen the process of collecting cups there are things I have reflected upon and am aware of the reform needed. I often reference the word “reform” when talking about Form5 Prosthetics because the solution is to never have a solution. Everything changes and in time the system in which was working, no longer does and to continue moving forward you must rebuild, reevaluate, and reform it. Staff and Students could attend that for the past month my Form5 hallway boxes (10) have taken quite the beating, although they have been effective in collecting cups. In addition, I have had to dig through trash to obtain these cups from those who neglect the instructions labeled on the Form5 boxes. As of November 7, I have collected 629 cups total to recycle into 3D printer filament. This filament will then be used to 3D print eco-friendly prosthetics. The majority of cups were entirely hand cleaned, rinsed, and dried by myself and the help of a few fellow students. This week I will be working on reforming the current cup collecting system and involving more volunteers into our movement to continue an efficient process of recycling plastic into 3D printer filament. I am truly grateful for those staff and student who are contributing to make this project everything I’d hoped it would be. I have a hard time as a visionary to simply just line up all the details of the vision I see. In contrast, this project I am truly taking it one detail at a time and I know that the road ahead will provide a handful of opportunities. I look forward to the next update on our project, “Forming 5” and beginning our second phase along with sharing the amazing accomplishments ahead.

As always Form5 is in good hand(s),

Aaron Westbrook, CEO and Founder of Form5 Prosthetics

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