Cup Collection Update #2:

Over the past month, I have seen Form5 grow in great measures all across the board! Form5 cup collection has increased weekly, now only 55 cups away from 1,000! At the end of October our cup count was around 350 cups and in 3 weeks we increased by 600 cups. This proves  this movement of ours is beginning to grow. During the month October I integrated “Form5 classroom boxes” for New Albany High School teachers to adopt in their classrooms. In addition, I collect cups from roughly 10 “Form5 Classroom Boxes” along with making my normal rounds to the 10 “Form5 Hallways boxes”. With this rather timely process, I have had great support from my teachers and friends who have helped collect and donate cups! I could not have done this project without the support of my NAHS peers. Now reaching almost the 1,000 cup mark (944 cups as of 11/17/16) I am beginning to reform and re-evaluate the cup collection system and have made the decision to assemble a team to collect cups at the end of every school day. This new system will be in effect December 1st. In the New Year and upon the second semester of school I will access continuing cup collection for Form5 Prosthetics. I encourage those  interested in volunteering to please reach out to Form5 directly, we appreciate your support to our growing movement!

Form5 going Green:

The month of December will be a big month for Form5 as we begin to unravel the second phase of our project, Forming 5. After the donation of funds to purchase a Filament Extruder we began researching to select the best extruder. In doing so Form5 has formed an amazing friendship with extruder company, Filabot, who has supported us in many ways. In addition, Filabot has donated 3 spools of 3D printer filament to Form5 and our R&D of new prosthetics. Our Filabot (Filament Extruder) was delivered on November 17th and we began mapping out the next steps of Forming 5! Now having a Filabot in our hands we can begin recycling the 944 plastic cups we have collected over the past two months into 3D printer filament. After doing some calculations which will be released in December, I estimate Form5 will not have to purchase any filament for the next year! These cups have recently been relocated and stored in Form5 Prosthetics new “makerspace” as we prepare for Form 5’s immense growth in the new year! Form5 has also continued working work Commercial Vehicle Group engineer, Keith Overton who has donated and electric chipper to begin breaking down the plastic cups. This phase of Forming 5 will be documented regularly through social media and I encourage everyone to follow our movement on Twitter and Instagram (@form5prosthetics)! It is amazing to think that 3 months ago I believe this project was impossible because of a failed Kickstarter. I was quick to remember not to doubt myself, but to never doubt the amazing opportunities Form5 Prosthetics and our movement continue to provide. We look forward to where Form5 is headed and sharing with you every step of the way!

As always I assure you Form5 is in good hand(s),

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics


Below are photos from our current project Forming 5:


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