After winter break I’d been contemplating what’s in the best interest of my project and at the halfway point of “Forming 5” how I would be executing things going forward. In past blog posts, I expressed each next step of “Forming 5” would require a new level of myself. This project has allowed me to learn and grow in unbelievable ways and for that, I am very grateful. I am involved in many things and wear several hats in order to continue enacting change where ever I go. It has become rather difficult balancing the many things I found myself somehow balancing before. This project means a great deal to me and I knew I needed to find focus again. In mid-January, I made the hard choice to stop further cup collection, due to lowering number in cups after winter break and the lack of cup collecting support by students in the highschool. I personally could not manage collecting cups anymore and I am well equipped with the plethora of cups I’ve already received. I am grateful for the outpour of support from students and staff that helped make this project possible. I am honored to have implemented this school-wide initiative to recycle and most importantly provide an opportunity to make a difference locally!

When starting this project, I knew there were several big steps that needed to be made in order to reach the end goal of “Forming 5”. Knowing this, I consciously split this large extensive project into 3 phases; one being the collection of cups, the other being making recycled filament from the cups, and finally fulfilling my promise to a 7-year-old girl and making her very first 3D printed prosthetic! This project has sprouted an even deeper connection I have to Form5 and I am determined at all odds to conquer this project! To continue growing and accomplishing the many things this project entails, I am honored to prepare for the next step.

Our focus going forward must simply no longer be on cups and collecting cups, but how were going to make those cups something much more impactful. There is much more to work through and solve, but Form5 is begging to refocus and strive towards the goal at hand.

Last weekend, I met with Maddie and her family to show them behind the scenes of not just “Forming 5”, but how Maddie’s arm will be formed! I showed Maddie all the cups I have collected so far and explained to her how the mulch will soon maker her panda arm! Maddie’s mother, Jenifer is very excited about this project and how it has all come together thus far. Maddie’s aunt and uncle also attended our meeting and helped shred plastic lids with Maddie’s father, Lee. Everyone had a hand in the project that day and they will continue to form into this project as we near the end of “Forming 5”. Prior to our meeting, I have been fabricating a test arm to see how it fit on Maddie. Luckily it was a perfect fit and I am already looking at ways to better her final arm! In addition, Maddie’s sister Sydney will receive a 3D printed item of her choice.

As one chapter closes, “Forming 5” has another one on the horizon. This one much more challenging than the rest. I look forward to the steps ahead and the great triumphs to be made! Solving one problem and discovering others is all a part of reform!

As always I assure you Form5 is in good hand(s),

Aaron Westbrook, CEO and Founder of Form5 Prosthetics


Below are current photos from our project Forming 5:



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