We’ve formed a lot over the last year; we expanded to new dimensions, set up closed-loop recycling systems, successfully made eco-friendly 3D printer material, made our first 3D printed prosthetics arm for a recipient, and became a non-profit organization along with introducing some vital board members into our movement to help propel us into the new year!

With this being said there were some pretty cool highlights of 2017 so we’ve compiled them all below for you to check out!

Form5’s Year of Reform (2017)

January 2017

Early Samples of Recycled Filament- Forming 5
Our Lab at NAPLS- Form5’s initial recycling process


February 2017

Collected over 2,000 plastic cups/lids in the 2nd phase of our project Forming 5!

March 2017

Began working with Form5’s first recipient!

April 2017


IMG_4758 copy

IMG_4781 copy 2
Forming 5: Senior Seminar Presentation (April 2017) -Pictured: Aaron & Maddie

The Finishings of Forming 5

IMG_4791 copy 2
Forming 5: Senior Seminar Presentation (April 2017)

May 2017

FullSizeRender 2

IMG_5322 copy

The Jeffrey C. Stuart Exhibition of Finalists (May 2017)

Aaron’s High School Graduation

July 2017

Maintenance on our Ultimaker 2


August 2017

Built our own 3D printer!

Reconnected with old friends and made some new ones along the way!
Attended the annual ‘Nub Club Of Central Ohio Summer Get Together!

Form5 Presentations at the beginning of the school year! Aaron had the opportunity to speak at New Albany, Gahanna, and Westerville School Districts!


Started working with Form5’s second recipient!

November 2017- Present

Form5’s Plastic Drive at independent Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio)

Form5’s first official Board meeting with directors!
Began working with Form5’s third recipient.



Making plaster molds and casts of recipients residual limb.
Speaking at Centerville Primary Village South Elementary School
Andrew with his test device before we fit him with a custom prosthesis in 2018! 

To say we’ve had an incredible year would be an absolute understatement! Everything accomplished over the last year would have not been possible without the support of so many. We are very grateful for those who continue to follow our movement, show support in our endeavors, and those who just simply reach out to acknowledge our work.

2018 holds some very monumental steps for Form5 and we look forward to not only showing you but sharing those moments with you!

Wishing you all a prosperous and enlightening New Year,

Aaron Westbrook, Founder & CEO of Form5 Prosthetics Inc.

E: aaron@form5prosthetics.org



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