form5_donation_social_1-041. Keep it rollin’

Over the last 3 years, Form5 has grown a lot! From starting out as a Blog – to learning new technology – to now leading cutting-edge research in eco-friendly prosthetics! 

With the help of Form5’s Board of Directors, our supporters, and recipients, advanced prosthetics are within reach!


2. Make it official

Form5 Prosthetics Inc. is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

Starting a non-profit is not easy and can also be quite expensive. Along with finalizing this process, we are raising funds to purchase equipment, programs, and other supplies. All donations to Form5 Prosthetics Inc. are tax-deductible. EIN #: 82-3555210


3. See it = believe it

We are scheduled to appear at more events this year, therefore, we are developing more flyers and handouts to print and give to supporters! We are also working on setting up our monthly Newsletter and will have that information out soon!


4. Bring it

Form5 spent a good part of 2017 going green – starting plastic drives, collecting plastics, & conducting research to take 3D printing prosthetics one step further!

We’re close to completing our research in creating our 3D printer filament (material) all in-house and out of recycled plastics! To create efficient and eco-friendly devices that grow with our recipients and their needs is what we’re all about!


5. Get it to recipients

We have one goal this year and it’s making more devices! We are gearing up to announce our next project and are excited to share what we have up our sleeve!



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