Form5 @ NA Farmers Market!


We are ecstatic to share that Form5 will be at The New Albany Farmers Market this summer on August 16th from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Swing by our tent to learn more about the life-changing prosthetics we provide and how we’re recycling ‘single-use’ plastics into 3D Printer Filament (material).

In addition to us being at the market this year, we are also announcing our first ever community Plastic Drive! The purpose of this drive is to not only raise awareness about Form5’s recycling services but as a community to commit to recycling!

Plastic Drive Guidelines:

  1. Identify the plastic code of the item (usually on the bottom) – this code identifies which plastic resin the item is made of.                                                                             
  2. For this particular Plastic Drive, Form5 is collecting ONLY #5 (PP) Plastic.            Ex. Food containers, Starbucks cups, yogurt, cottage cheese, medicine bottles, lids and other plastic containers.
  3. If possible please remove packaging and labels.
  4. Please rinse and clean all plastics items.
  5. Drop your plastics off to us on Aug. 16!

Through Form5’s closed-loop recycling we are able to source plastic material to fabricate our advanced 3-D printed prosthetics. With your support, we hope to continue spreading our mission in the community and to continue providing eco-friendly prosthetics.

Spread the Word!

For questions regarding this plastic drive or our organization, E-mail:




With the advent of 3D printing technology, the development of the non-profit Form5 Prosthetics Inc. has burst onto the scene to support the development, manufacture, and distribution of quality and innovative designs of prosthetics for the millions of people living with limb-loss. What once was considered a luxury item, too expensive for most people to afford, can now be custom-made for those individuals for way less money, and in a lot less time. Often, prosthetics can be difficult to afford, not only due to the cost of one purchase, but also as replacements are needed due to growth spurts or weight changes and the size needs of their prosthetic change, or accidental breakage occurs requiring replacements and the additional costs.

Form5 has found our first 5 recipients for 2018, and all of their stories are different.

Form5’s very first lower extremity prosthetic design will go to our first recipient, Jillian, a 13-year-old girl diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone common in children. Form5 is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Owens Corning and is developing a durable, strong lower left leg prosthetic for Jillian in hopes it will be more comfortable, and fit her better, all in less time and at a lower cost. Jillian will receive her prosthesis at the end of the month and we look forward to sharing our progress on this project going forward.

Our second recipient for 2018 is Dakylie an eleven-year-old girl from North Carolina. Her family first saw videos posted by Aaron Westbrook, Founder, and CEO of the organization, while they were watching YouTube. They reached out to Aaron in need of a “helper hand” for Dakylie. Dakylie was only two weeks old when she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect which unfortunately caused her to lose her fingers on her right hand. After speaking with the family, it was determined one of the best options for Dakylie is an open-sourced design from e-Nable, called the ‘Phoenix Hand’. This democratization of prosthetic design and creation allows people all around the world, including the team at Form5, to customize and create a prosthetic hand with minimal costs for materials. The team at Form5 is currently working with Dakylie and her family to design her first prosthetic hand, and she recently received her first prototype in the mail, and Form5 will continue to modify and customize at Dakylie’s request.

Another recent change to prosthetic design is the development of task-specific prosthetics, and Form5 has three recipients looking for designs based on a specific need. Often the mindset in the past was to replace a missing limb/hand with almost a mannequin style arm or hand; while it may “look normal” the actual design doesn’t allow the recipient to use it in daily tasks. For example, Andrew is a young boy who wants to be able to hold and reel in his own fishing rod.  Andrew and his family contacted Form5 through a local Limb Difference group in Columbus, Ohio called “The Nub Club”. Form5 will be developing a prosthetic design for this specific task. The other task-specific design will be a prosthetic meant to help perform activities such as; kayaking, riding a bicycle or potentially a motorcycle. Although this recipient chose not be named, Form5 is currently in the research and development stage of this project and will continue to provide updates going into this Summer.

Form5’s 5th project is for the Founder himself, Aaron Westbrook. Aaron has a congenital limb difference, and was born without his right hand. He often finds a need for an arm/hand for fitness purposes, and would like to be able to do push ups comfortably. He is currently designing something spring-loaded and or researching flexible 3-D printer filaments so that he may perform more exercises symmetrically. Aaron hopes to further develop this concept and work with other recipients in the future to test this specific device.

The year began with Form5 officially becoming a non-profit, and now the next 5 projects are off and running. For more updates on our latest projects, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram.


5 Reasons to Donate to Form5!

form5_donation_social_1-041. Keep it rollin’

Over the last 3 years, Form5 has grown a lot! From starting out as a Blog – to learning new technology – to now leading cutting-edge research in eco-friendly prosthetics! 

With the help of Form5’s Board of Directors, our supporters, and recipients, advanced prosthetics are within reach!


2. Make it official

Form5 Prosthetics Inc. is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

Starting a non-profit is not easy and can also be quite expensive. Along with finalizing this process, we are raising funds to purchase equipment, programs, and other supplies. All donations to Form5 Prosthetics Inc. are tax-deductible. EIN #: 82-3555210


3. See it = believe it

We are scheduled to appear at more events this year, therefore, we are developing more flyers and handouts to print and give to supporters! We are also working on setting up our monthly Newsletter and will have that information out soon!


4. Bring it

Form5 spent a good part of 2017 going green – starting plastic drives, collecting plastics, & conducting research to take 3D printing prosthetics one step further!

We’re close to completing our research in creating our 3D printer filament (material) all in-house and out of recycled plastics! To create efficient and eco-friendly devices that grow with our recipients and their needs is what we’re all about!


5. Get it to recipients

We have one goal this year and it’s making more devices! We are gearing up to announce our next project and are excited to share what we have up our sleeve!



Please consider donating to our Facebook Fundraiser:


A Year of Reform (2017)!

We’ve formed a lot over the last year; we expanded to new dimensions, set up closed-loop recycling systems, successfully made eco-friendly 3D printer material, made our first 3D printed prosthetics arm for a recipient, and became a non-profit organization along with introducing some vital board members into our movement to help propel us into the new year!

With this being said there were some pretty cool highlights of 2017 so we’ve compiled them all below for you to check out!

Form5’s Year of Reform (2017)

January 2017

Early Samples of Recycled Filament- Forming 5
Our Lab at NAPLS- Form5’s initial recycling process


February 2017

Collected over 2,000 plastic cups/lids in the 2nd phase of our project Forming 5!

March 2017

Began working with Form5’s first recipient!

April 2017


IMG_4758 copy

IMG_4781 copy 2
Forming 5: Senior Seminar Presentation (April 2017) -Pictured: Aaron & Maddie

The Finishings of Forming 5

IMG_4791 copy 2
Forming 5: Senior Seminar Presentation (April 2017)

May 2017

FullSizeRender 2

IMG_5322 copy

The Jeffrey C. Stuart Exhibition of Finalists (May 2017)

Aaron’s High School Graduation

July 2017

Maintenance on our Ultimaker 2


August 2017

Built our own 3D printer!

Reconnected with old friends and made some new ones along the way!
Attended the annual ‘Nub Club Of Central Ohio Summer Get Together!

Form5 Presentations at the beginning of the school year! Aaron had the opportunity to speak at New Albany, Gahanna, and Westerville School Districts!


Started working with Form5’s second recipient!

November 2017- Present

Form5’s Plastic Drive at independent Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio)

Form5’s first official Board meeting with directors!
Began working with Form5’s third recipient.



Making plaster molds and casts of recipients residual limb.
Speaking at Centerville Primary Village South Elementary School
Andrew with his test device before we fit him with a custom prosthesis in 2018! 

To say we’ve had an incredible year would be an absolute understatement! Everything accomplished over the last year would have not been possible without the support of so many. We are very grateful for those who continue to follow our movement, show support in our endeavors, and those who just simply reach out to acknowledge our work.

2018 holds some very monumental steps for Form5 and we look forward to not only showing you but sharing those moments with you!

Wishing you all a prosperous and enlightening New Year,

Aaron Westbrook, Founder & CEO of Form5 Prosthetics Inc.




Focuses on form

I expressed in the past few blog posts that going forward I had intended for things to settle in the fall, but I find myself overly excited for the new manifestations in Form5. Although I have been incredibly persistent to reach new heights and keep momentum, I am now at new paths of opportunity and am in awe of what is possible. The uncertainty is exhilarating more than fearful which I find peculiar. For the first time, I am seeing what is to be real change in Form5 at its foundation, aligning itself each and every step of the way!

With the process of becoming a Non-profit almost finalized Form5 will be undergoing some very exciting improvements! This solidifying our mission and how we intend to serve those with limb differences going forward. With an established board, I look forward to updating everyone on the new faces in Form5 and how they plan to shape and form our new direction. Its key to this momentum and excitement to stay focused and to follow what you feel.

We have some exciting news not only as we begin the initial stages of our newest project, but as new equipment rolls into the lab this month. Currently printing a test arm for a first grader named Andrew, who we will be fit with serval devices including a task-specific arm designed by Form5 Prosthetics Inc. over the next few months. Once everything is finalized we will be able to spread our work, connecting with more, and expanding upon our mission. During the new year, we hope to launch new services and open the door for many avenues of getting involved on the goal at hand…

Fast Company Article | October 2017

After widely-seen features on Form5 circulate the inter-webs I have been flooded with kind messages, emails, inquiries, supporters, and even potential donors. As swiftly as I can I am working towards responding back to everyone who took the time to reach out to Form5. I am so grateful to everyone who has put me where I am and continue to support my passion, my vision, and my journey. I am also busy making all future things possible and am thrilled with the feedback and the helping hands so far, and when I am closer to share more exciting news, I will.

All in great timing,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics Inc.


Form5 Presentations

When school started last month I anticipated scheduling many Form5 Presentations…

Several Elementary school teachers reached out and invited me into their classrooms to share my journey and work with their students! I traveled to different school districts including my old elementary school.  I got to meet some curious and passionate Elementary students all over central Ohio who are now educated on prosthetics and how recycling can make a difference. Along the way, I was introduced and visited with some fantastic educators…

It has been super exciting sharing my work with these students and inspiring them to solve a problem they see in front of them. Anything is possible! In addition to the 3 presentations I had at New Albany Schools, I was also thrilled to branch out and speak to classes in Gahanna and Westerville school districts!

What the students enjoy most is being able to see the different devices and learning how each one works. At the end of each presentation, I leave as much time allotted to answer their very curious questions! I mainly spoke to elementary students, but have future arrangements to speak to many audiences! I look forward to continuing growing and sharing Form5’s narrative!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A common theme amongst each presentation is how students can get involved in Form5

Students also love to see the process and research I have been pioneering with recycling plastics and 3D printing. As I went back to speak to teachers I have visited before, many asked about my agenda for cup collection this year. It wasn’t something I have been too focused on but is something I hope grows into a large part of what sustains Form5. Several teachers have asked about Form5 boxes and how they can incorporate collecting plastics into their classrooms.

Now that we are a non-profit organization, “Form5 Prosthetics Inc.” and we are well along the way with that process I hope soon to announce more information how everyone can get involved in Form5’s mission!


Big things ahead,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics Inc.


Say Cello to Tate



Pictured: Tate, Aaron, & Jordan


As summer wrapped up and school began, I was in contact with Patti, the creator of the Nub Club of Central Ohio. I met Patti and her family through my 8th Grade History teacher whose kids also go to school in the same area. After meeting Patti 4 years ago, I was, for the first time connected to a community of people like myself! Thus launching what Form5 was previously called, “Alive With Five”.

Patti reached out to me last month regarding how her son,  Tate has the option to take orchestra in 5th Grade at Wilson Hill Elementary School. Tate is already musically inclined with playing guitar and piano for over two years. Tate recently decided to quit piano and try orchestra this year, leading him to try playing the Cello!

First Test Hand | Ultimaker 2

I have seen e-Nable work done with musical instruments before and was fortunate to find open-source files on Thingiverse (Link) to make Tate his very own Cello Prosthetic device for Orchestra.

After making two test hands and figuring out how the bow fits into the device, I knew this project would be overall quite simple. I did have to make some slight modifications to provide stability to the device and ensure it fit Tate’s residual limb comfortably. Tate requested the device be printed in black filament and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to dial in my new 3D printer; completing the entire project.


Tate Cello Hand Modified | CR-10 S5


Tate’s mom, Patti, never voiced any concern on how Tate would play the cello, but rather had the same approach as I; “how can we make this work for Tate”!  Form5 is honored to have provided this for Tate and to show him that despite having a limb difference anything is possible! Tate has obviously figured out how to play guitar and piano with one hand and I’m sure Cello will be no challenge at all. Looking forward to seeing and hearing him play!

I finished printing and assembling Tate’s final device today and look forward to giving it to him soon 🙂

Be sure to follow our social media pages for frequent updates!



Big things ahead,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics


The Finishings of Forming 5

Upon giving Maddie her arm, I couldn’t have been in more of a state of complete content and euphoria. The project I produced and executed has provided not only myself with many new opportunities, but an amazing little girl received an awesome gift.

Once putting all recycling research on hold for the third phase of Forming 5, I immediately began working on fabricating and completing Maddie’s arm! Along with wrapping up Forming 5 I also made the next steps in repairing my extruder to return to the research I am trying to achieve. After reaching out to Filabot with some questions in March, they randomly and zealously donated to Form5 a brand new Filabot spooler to give us all the equipment we need to return conducting research with making our own filament. In addition, my advisor Keith and I planned on sending the extruder back for repair.

In early May, weeks after presenting and gifting Maddie her arm, our project Forming 5  was chosen as a finalist for the Jeffery C. Stuart’s Exhibition of Finalists! Our project, among five other strong finalists ranging from inventions, internships, and clothing IMG_5335lines for special needs children. I had the honor of presenting Forming 5 in front of my graduating class and the juniors to show them in-depth about my Senior Seminar project and the opportunities I formed for Maddie!

On display, out in the lobby of the theatre was my Filabot Extruder and onstage I had cups, plastic mulch, and filament samples to show the Forming 5 process. In addition, I produced a detailed slide-deck with pictures and explanations of how I formed 5 fingers for Maddie. I closed with a video that contains detailed footage and photos that cover the many aspects of our project, Forming 5!

Judges consisted of administration of my school, community members, and former teachers deliberated after watching all the finalists, they returned and awarded Forming 5 project of the year!

In recent weeks, we have been in communication with Filabot and our spooler should arrive in the next couple of weeks, following it our fixed extruder as well.

Filabot featured Form5 Prosthetics on their blog last week:

Form5 is incredibly grateful for our growing partnership with Filabot and look forward to the things we form together in the future! We are excited to continue sharing our next adventure in this amazing journey! Form5 has some exciting news to share this summer and in the next upcoming weeks. We plan to be quite active on our next steps towards creating eco-friendly prosthetics!

Keep following the movement!


Big things ahead,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics